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Social Map 2.0 Social Map 2.0

Organizations and Users on Google Maps

Come straight to the point with Social Map 2.0.

This app is based on Google Maps and provides tailor-made maps for organization and user pages.

So you can plot user addresses on user pages beside content from Social Graph 2.0. On organization pages you get organization addresses displayed as well as organization member locations, if you want - it’s configurable. It’s up to you.

Click on any marker to pop up an information window that also links profile pages provided at this place. Other links provide direct interaction for e-mail, Skype or a good old phone call. The information window also provides a link to export current data to your address book (VCard).

Thanks to marker clustering and spider-aggregation of markers, as well as filtering, an easy navigation is guaranteed. The report feature provides navigation tools and marker-animation on mouse-over rows and complements Social Map 2.0.

Features Features

Locate Locate

Find organizations and users on Google Maps

User User

Provide user locations with user maps, also organizations, contained in Social Graph 2.0

Connect to Social Graph 2.0 Connect to Social Graph 2.0

Visualize organizations, contained in Social Graph 2.0, on the same page.

Handling Nearbys Handling Nearbys

  • Easy navigation thanks clustering markers

  • Spidernet for markers sharing the same address

Address coding Address coding

Benefit from Google Geocoding with fallback (if configured) to GeoIP-coding (serviced by FreeGeoIP), current user’s location.

Customizing Customizing

Configure maps for each type, profit from rich customization options.

Map Types Map Types

Implement map types for public + private user pages and organization pages

Organization Organization

Provide current organization’s - and its members’ - location with the organization map

Information Window Information Window

Link to other pages and interact through the information window: open user or organization pages, interact by mail, phone or skype and add the current entry to your personal address book (VCard).

Toolbar Toolbar

Filter, zoom and more features are provided by the toolbar.

Report Report

Enjoy the reporting section. It provides quick-locate and zoom, highlights locations.

Summary Summary

Straight to the point with Social Map 2.0 - geographical allocation of users and organizations including information and direct interaction. Integration of Social Graph 2.0 data provided.

• English, German

Integrated documentation (PDF):
• User’s Guide (click info button in the toolbar)
• Administrator’s Guide (at documentation link in the setup form)

Combine Social Map 2.0 with Social Graph 2.0 Combine Social Map 2.0 with Social Graph 2.0

Social Graph 2.0 visualizes your personal Social Business Network and provides direct interaction. Combine Social Graph 2.0 with Social Map 2.0: Any organization on any view will be displayed. Also views containing extracted data  and views provided by the Hierarchy function.

Learn more about  Social Graph 2.0.

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  • Discuss requirements for API and integration
  • Initialize individual project scope with other portals


Benefits Benefits

  • Obtain overview

  • Interact directly

  • Link user and organization profile pages

  • Geographical allocation of Social Graph 2.0 data

  • Easy map configuration per page type

Use Cases Use Cases

Social Graph 2.0 Social Graph 2.0

Integrate with Social Map 2.0 - learn more about Social Graph 2.0


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