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Social Graph 2.0 Social Graph 2.0

Discover and benefit from your Social Business Network!

Have the overview, recognize relationships and benefit - all interactively and by instant access


Single Point of Entry: Have a better overview on your social network with Social Graph 2.0. At the same time use context related features of Who is Who 2.0 and Yes we Know 2.0  for instant access.  Therefore, Social Graph 2.0 is used as your personal social network navigator and explorer. 

P2P/M2M: Social Graph 2.0 unifies B2B/B2C/B2E and Public Social Networks

In Social Graph 2.0, B2B, B2C, B2E, independent friendships and external social networks come together. Thanks M2M, it combines Enterprise B2C/B2E/B2B Servers and public Social Networks like LinkedIn and Twitter into a big P2P network. Social Graph 2.0 provides network visualization, information on the fly and direct access to core functions.

- Internet: Know Your Clients (KYC)

- Intranet: Benefit from knowledge potential of employees

- Extranet: Collaborate with partners

- Social Media: Share, extend your external personal networks & communities


Visualization and Interaction

At one look: recognize relationships to organizations, communitites, external social networks - and independent friendships too. In all dimensions, that's what it means to use B2x!
All elements can interact with each other - instantly providing access to featured functions.




All elements respond to mouse actions - many node operations supported.

Everything interactive

One click

Navigate to profile main page with a single click

Overview Overview

Context Menu Context Menu

Instant access to key functions by right mouse click. Access by links to configurable page content and common node operations.

Selection Selection

Define a group of persons to establish a video conference or to send a bulk mail. Multiple selection by simply clicking the parent organization.

Tags Tags

Discover people instantly by tags (e.g. Job Title, Role, City, Region, Country).

Organization Models Organization Models

Supporting agile organization models like adhocracy, holacracy and many more. Generic nodes by tags allows 2-level grouping.

Discover Hierarchy Discover Hierarchy

Discover structures of agile organization models. Close subordination as well supported, as loose affiliation.

Quick Info Quick Info

Window with brief information for person or organization. Displayed/updated on mouseover or click. 

Search Search

Sophisticated search via many options and support of various attributes.

Import Import

Import and synchronize contacts from public social networks LinkedIn, Xing, Google+, GMail and Twitter.

Add Contacts Add Contacts

Add imported contacts from public social networks like LinkedIn, Xing, Google+, GMail and Twitter. Contacts are displayed in tabbed views providing direct access to public profiles.

Customizing Customizing

Setup provides various configuration options for visualization, logic and behaviour.

Combine Social Graph 2.0 with Social Map 2.0 Combine Social Graph 2.0 with Social Map 2.0

Social Map 2.0, based on Google Maps, provides geographical allocation of users and organizations including information and direct interaction. 

Integration of Social Graph 2.0 data: any organization on any view can be plotted. Also views containing extracted data and views provided by the Hierarchy function.

read more about Social Map 2.0

New: Social Graph Light New: Social Graph Light

Start-Up-Kit Social Graph Light at $7000 by Liferay Instance!

Full Version Full Version

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  • Discuss requirements for API and integration
  • Initialize individual project scope with other portals


Use Cases Use Cases

Video: Networking by Social Graph 2.0 Video: Networking by Social Graph 2.0

Introduction Video Introduction Video

Advantages Advantages

  • Instant Access
  • Single Point of Entry
  • Interaction
  • Agile organization models

Agile Organization Models Agile Organization Models

Digital Experience Digital Experience

B2x Architecture B2x Architecture

Multidimensional Navigation with Social Graph 2.0


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